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It used to be ‘The Party of Lincoln.’ Not anymore. There is an old saying that when you’re young you’re a Democrat, and as you age, you become a Republican. There is a simple reason for this — you’ve made it and nobody is going to take your piece of the pie. A superintendent of schools explained it to me during tense teacher salary negotiations: There is a pie and I want it all — you can have your small slice and better be satisfied. If you want more — there is going to be a fight. …

And what can be done?

Todd Trapani@ttrapani

As a veteran of 32 high school campaigns, I have ‘Teacher Dreams.’ I am told that a great many teachers have similar ‘dreams’. Usually, I am back in a classroom or at a high school event like a pep rally floating in strange, surreal dreams. I find myself trying to deal with some calamity that has befallen the students (or their befuddled English teacher). But the nightmare of last night woke me up — startled at the impact of this Covid 19 pandemic, which has shaken high schools to the core.

While pundits and politicians debate the pros and cons…

Why ObamaCare really maters in the Covid Era

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It is impossible to comprehend the magnitude of the ACA as the COVID-19 rages. However, one thing is not quite immerging in the never-ending media surge of deaths, infections, and vaccines — namely the costs of hospitalizations from Covid and the more insipid aftermath…insurance coverage.

Covid-19 is going to create havoc financially to households and insurance companies (not that I have much sympathy for insurance companies). Clearly, the medical establishment will have bills going out to the fortunate who survived as well as the families of those infected who have tragically passed away.

No one can quantify the economic impact…

Tim Marshall@timmarshall

Historians often remind us (because we clearly need reminding) that once there was ‘A Greatest Generation.’ The men and woman of all races and creeds took to the South Pacific Seas, the Normandy Beaches and the White Cliffs of Dover to dismantle murderous regimes.

But there was so much more to fix here at home and abroad. From FDR to JFK to Nixon and Reagan and Obama, there has been a ceaseless march to form a ‘more perfect union.’ …

From Popular Mechanics

Just in case you missed it, on the campaign trail President Trump let out a sound that only someone paying close attention could decipher. Mr. Trump said on Twitter that “people living their Suburban Lifestyle Dream” would “no longer be bothered or financially hurt by having low income housing built in your neighborhood.” He went on to proclaim [without any proof], “Your housing prices will go up based on the market, and crime will go down.”

That is a dog whistle…more like a screech. Let’s translate: You white folks in your white picket neighborhoods don’t want any brown or black…

I would surely be fired if I taught the material I was so committed to teach…aka: the truth

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At a wedding for my teaching partner of 15 years, I found myself gravitating to the guest table with her colleagues in the Social Science department. It should be noted that COVID-19 pushed all to retirement. Eleven years ago, I retired after three decades served in a profession of which I still remain passionate.

I had the honor of being the San Diego County’s ‘Teacher of the Year’ in 1998. With that award, I encouraged a new generation to step up and make a difference in America’s classrooms. …

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Writing about tax fraud is not the sexiest subject to traverse social media. I know. So I will cut to the chase because we are being robbed.

“U.S. Loses Billions in Taxes to Private Equity Industry.” Billions. Executives with eight or nine figure incomes are dodging the IRS and the Trump administration made sure it could stay that way.

In other words, 98% of Americans are paying more taxes than they should, while government is running a huge deficit, and the wealthy 2% are getting away with paying a fraction of what they legally should or paying nothing at all…

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For those of you who believe firmly that bipartisan commitment is necessary for legitimacy in government, this essay is for you. For those of you who could care less about bipartisan agreements and just want to get your way…well, the time has come for a change.

To quote President Biden, “Here’s the deal.” There is no way…NONE…that anything is going to get past the Senate of any consequence unless all 50 democrats do one or both of the following:

First: the 50 democrats must vote to carve out an exception to the filibuster when it comes to election law.


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I used to plan out our evenings
Then present you with choices
On an elegant menu next to a single red rose:
“Stefano’s and the Upstart Crow in Hillcrest,
Alfonso’s and a stroll to the Cove Theater in La Jolla,
La Petite Café and the Pannikin coffee house in the Gaslamp.”
Your choice.

And now we are hostage to busy babysitters
Limited to a couple of hours
— maybe three —

nodding off at films
tired dining at banal restaurants immediate to our home. …

Robert Pacilio

Robert Pacilio’s authored “Meet Me a Moonlight Beach”& “Meetings at the Metaphor Cafe” He’s the 1998 San Diego County “Teacher of the Year”

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