No I do not wear a mask when driving alone in my car. That was unnecessarily snarky. Here, I and Dr. Fauci disagree with you. I think that at the height of Covid, and even today, there are times that it is prudent to wear a masks. To say it does nothing to stop the spread of Covid is also just plain wrong from a medical view, IMO. As for the judge who ended the ban earlier than heath officials, well, that's a cause for confusion. Regardless, I think it is plainly obvious that the Trump Admin was more concerned with tamping down the danger and getting re-elected rather than accepting what Trump told Bob Woodward on tape--that is is 'in the air' and deadly. He is responsible for too many months wasted andlives put in danger--even his own.

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Robert Pacilio

Robert Pacilio

Former public school teacher for 32 years and San Diego County “Teacher of the Year.” Author of five novels available on amazon and at