Trump’s ‘Intended ‘ Consequences

Samantha Sophis @samanthaspohis from Upspash

Ask the typical American if they are in significantly better financial shape, and they will tell you — about the same or worse. Ask them if they got a big tax break. Nope. Most paid more in taxes.

For those voters who think that his intentions are theirs, ask yourself these two questions: 1. Has this President made America ‘greater’ than it was before his term? People are more divided. People do not know whom they should trust. Those with Green Cards are petrified. Dreamers are in danger. Medical costs for all have risen. Millions of people have lost their insurance as the ACA is under attack. In 2018, voters rose up and said enough of the McConnell/ Trump stall game on legislation and the House of Representatives turned deep blue. Does that seem like a nation satisfied with “Make America Great” hats?

Robert Pacilio’s authored “Meet Me a Moonlight Beach”& “Meetings at the Metaphor Cafe” He’s the 1998 San Diego County “Teacher of the Year”

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